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Tale 2 years ago
Congrats on the feature Keep it up!
Gokree 2 years ago
I'm the awkward hugger. My family doesn't hug. My wife's family is all hugs all the time. I feel like the cat in Pepe La Pew cartoons.
Yoramar 2 years ago
Hello this is my number to whatsapps send me 67518969
Togor 2 years ago
100 proof is only 50%. Im utter sucked 200 proof 100 of the time. If i like a ladies tits, i rip her t-shirt open and motorboat those puppies with a bald eagle in one arm and a stack of bacon in the other all while screaming merica the entire time!
Mum 2 years ago
why oh why , every man wants a warm moist vagina that will caress and hold his dick , she must be like sticking it out the window and fugging the world .